Welcome to Zakya Community

Welcome to Zakya Community

Hey everyone,
We are excited to welcome you to Zakya's community. It's a big day for all of us.
27-02-2024, the official launch of Zakya. 

What's Zakya?

Zakya is a modern retail POS software, that helps you manage the end-to-end operations of a retail store, right from managing inventory, vendors and purchases, to processing sales via various sales channels to help speed up the checkout process. Read more: Overview of Zakya | Learn about the features


How the Zakya Community can help?

The Zakya Community is for you, the users, to share your thoughts, suggestions, raise your questions, share tips and tricks, and collaborate with us as one. We will also keep you updated on what's happening in Zakya, the feature updates, and share interesting articles on how businesses can master the retail industry.  

Want to get started?

Join our live webinar on Managing your retail business with Zakya - A complete overview in your language and learn all about how Zakya can make things simple at your retail store.
Browse our resources to Learn, Explore, and Master Zakya.